How to use shortcodes in themes

January 30, 2011 Video Tutorials

Most of our themes come with pre-coded shortcodes to make it easy having buttons, boxes or columns in your website. In this tutorial you can view applications of these shortcodes.


  1. Josh says:

    I think what would help with the shortcodes is to somehow have a copy of the HTML that is on your screen in the tutorial. Then, we’d just copy and paste, instead of trying to figure it out.

    • Edy says:

      I thought the examples in the pdf should have been enough, but looks like they’re not, so I will add some more.

      For the button, you need to put a link inside the shortcode code, it has to take you somewhere, that’s what a button is supposed to do. i.e. [shortcode] a link [/shortcode]


  2. Tony Lancaster says:

    I too find the shortcodes video of very little use. Where are these shortcodes? Yes there are examples in the pdf and a link to them in action (in this case for the Parallels theme) but it is anything but clear to me how to use them. Or do I misunderstand and this is part of WordPress I should have understood independently?

    • Edy says:

      You use them if you need them, what do you mean where are they? They are pre coded and if you want to use them, you use them the way it is explained. You have the list of what’s available and how to use them.


  3. Tony Lancaster says:

    Edy, with respect, it is NOT explained. There are only examples of them in use which is not at all the same as explaining how to use them. The PDF with the theme has examples of SOME shortcodes.

    To be clear I was and am not criticising, just asking a) the details of how to use them or if b) I should be finding out elsewhere if it is a core part of WP. As it happens I assumed the latter and found my answers elsewhere.

    My hopefully constructive suggestion would be 1) do as you said and add more examples and 2) bear in mind this is not by any means a transparent aspect of WP since probably most of your clients are nowhere near as competent as you

    • Edy says:

      Hi Tony,
      I did not think you were criticising. Shortcodes are not part of the WP core. They are pre-coded buttons or boxes or columns from our side, to facilitate you if you want to use a button or box.

      I am not sure how to be more clear about the usage, but please hit us up in the forum if you need help with a specific one.


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