Show a static page in your front page

October 20, 2009

Most business or corporations like to have a static page in the front page of their website, not the latest posts. You have this possibility in most of our themes.

To have a static page in your front page, in your wordpress administration go to SETTINGS/READING. There you do have the option to select a static page as your front page, and you can select from the available pages in the dropdown selection.

Now, what happens is that if the page you have selected as a static page exists in your navigation, it will show as active when you are in the front page, and that will ruin the look of your website. To avoid that, is important that you exclude the page you have selected as front page from the navigation.

In our themes panel we do have the option where you can enter the ID’s of the pages you want to exclude from the navigation. This way you can have a static page in the front and only the ‘HOME’ menu item highlighted.


  1. robert says:

    when i made the front page a static page the slideshow disappears. it looks like my homepage is not calling index.php what do i need to do?

  2. robert says:

    Never mind.

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