Kimbo v3.0 released, now responsive

November 7, 2012

We have just released the 3.0 version of our popular Kimbo theme.

The theme has now a responsive layout, meaning the layout of the theme will adjust depending on the device you’re using. This means better usability in mobile devices.

Some other changes are:
-Replaced the portfolio category template with a portfolio page template
-Blog page template added
-Now featured images are visible in post and page full view

For more details please check the theme’s page.
We have sent the updated version for free to all our clients who purchased this theme or the All Themes Pack. If for any reason you did not receive it please contact us.

If you don’t own this theme but are considering it, you can check our showcase to see what other clients did using this theme.


  1. alopex says:

    Beautiful theme; the responsive css is very helpful.

  2. Chris Lynn says:

    Nice & simple theme.Can we expect some discounts during this holiday season

  3. Ajay says:


    I am interested in this theme. Is there SEO functionality built in it?


  4. Incredible rundown of magnificent modules, I truly like your work for sharing these in light of the fact that this time is the point at which we truly need them most to address a portion of our mix-ups.

  5. i am first time visit here there are a lot of things for themes lover so i hope this blog give any experience for theme designers.

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