Soho WordPress theme v2.4 released

April 5, 2020

We have just released version 2.4 of Soho WordPress theme. This new update includes plenty of new features and optimizations.

We started by replacing the jQuery scroller with the native browser scroller. In the last months webkit browsers have added support for styling the scroller, which we are now taking advantage of, so the theme loads much faster than before.

Another update is a new menu. This was done mainly because of customer request. The new menu keeps the same style of the old one, the main difference being that now the dropdown does not open automatically on rollover, but the visitor has to click on the arrow.

This is especially necessary for mobile devices, where there is no rollover available.

Portfolio now supports project types, which was another feature requested by our customers. It will enable users create multiple portfolios to showcase their work categorized to their liking.

An important new feature we added to the theme is support for Gutenberg blocks. This, complemented with the new editor style, will greatly help create unique content for each page or post. One main advantage is that the layout in the backend will match the front end.

We did also add a minimal facelift to the mobile layout and added also a new option to disable background images all together.

Another addition, which hopefully your visitors won’t see very often 🙂 , is a new 404 page template, better looking and more intuitive.

This has been an important update, so if you don’t already own this theme, now it’s a good time to purchase it. Or you can take a look at our Lifetime Package so you can get all our current and future themes for a one time payment.

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