February 10, 2015

Tiles is colorful masonry style theme that can be used for your personal blog, portfolio or collection. The theme is fully responsive and very easy to use.

  • Compatible with the latest WordPress version.
  • 100% responsive design.
  • Masonry style post layout in home and archives.
  • Infinite posts in home and archives.
  • Integrated social media icon fonts, 11 available.
  • Custom menu system, multi-level dropdown
  • Featured post images.
  • One widget ready location.
  • Integrated blog pagination in search results.
  • Threaded comments.
  • Translation ready, .pot file provided.
  • Compatible with all major browsers.


  1. tibriz says:

    Hi, I like this theme and I would like to use it on my website, tibriz.com In your demo there are 3 rows, but when I install it it shows 2 rows, how can I change it to 3?

    • Edy says:

      That depends on how big your browser window is. In my browser I can view your website in 4 columns. If you have a small browser only 2 columns will fit.


  2. jatin jain says:

    Your theme is the best but i am not able to change the image of tile.
    Please can u help please

  3. Jim Jackson says:

    It’s NOw Showing Pages of My Site. in Website.. I Added 4 Pages.. But not Showing a Single ONe…
    Help Plz.

    • Edy says:

      To show the pages, you need to add them somewhere, like create a menu from ‘Appearance-Menus’.

      To create tiles like in our demo, you need to create posts. Please check also ‘readme.txt’ file inside the theme.


  4. michael says:

    Hi Edy,

    Cool theme and I like that I can control the Post layout by size and edit date (I made mine static). One thing I’m trying to do which I haven’t figured out yet is how to add mouse-over support (i.e. HTML title attribute in is how I normally do it). Would that be possible? Right now when I go over a Post image it changes a bit w/ the animation your theme creates which is great. If possible, I’d like to display some additional text to the user if they remain hovering over that image. Thank you!

    • michael says:

      looks like HTML code was taken out in the blue section so what I was trying to say was: i.e. HTML title attribute in a href is how I normally do it)

    • Edy says:


      Actually that is not advised anymore because it is not good for SEO, the additional information would be just the title, which is already displayed there, so I don’t see a point.


  5. Lars says:

    Your theme looks great, and I if you think its a good idea to use this Tile theme as a meny structure. I am testing this possibility now but realized that all new tiles comes first. I want them to come first. How do i change this?
    If i want to change the sequence of the tiles i guess i could renumber the pages Id-nr. Can i renumber the from 1 and add a new tile with number 1.1 to appear between 1 and 2?
    I’m afraid of messing up any counters in your theme.
    Look forward to “hear” from you soon.
    Kind Regards
    Lars Németh

    • Edy says:


      The tiles are posts, so the newest post will display first. The thing you can do is change the publishing times so they appear in the order that you want.


  6. Lars says:

    Hi again
    Of Course!!!
    Thanks a lot
    kind regads

  7. Lars says:

    Hi again,
    a small correction about the order of the tiles. I wanted the newest one to come last, not first.

    Last question: I want to land on a static side. When people sign up i want to land on the Tile side. Any smart solution for that?
    Thanks in advance

    • Edy says:

      To reverse the order of posts in ‘index.php’ file replace this line

      with this one

      Regarding the landing when users sign in, you should look for a plugin better.


  8. Vidman says:

    It takes 3-4 seconds for the mobile version to load. Is it preloading every post before actually displaying them? If so, is there a way to limit it to like, 15 posts then pagination it?.. require the user to click NEXT?

    • Edy says:

      In ‘index.php’ file remove this line

      <?php query_posts( ‘posts_per_page=-1’ ); ?>

      and after this line

      <?php endwhile; ?>


      <?php if (function_exists(“tiles_pagination”)) { tiles_pagination($post->max_num_pages); } ?>


  9. Vidman says:

    You rock!

  10. emanuel says:

    hi! like very much your them but can’t get it to look good,, in the main page posts overlaps,, can’t have it this way,, please help me fix the problem,, my page is (rpzone.com)

  11. Nick says:

    Hello. Very grateful for your work … I did as you said and now displays correctly Number of posts. But then as the previous posts to see? Help please …

  12. Ellis says:

    Hi, Edy. I like this theme and would like to use it on my website.
    But I have a small problem. DropDown menu does not work. Please help me.
    Site – http://victory.visitdonetsk.info/

    • Edy says:

      Hi Ellis,

      Maybe it has to do something that the parent menu item is not a link. If you created a custom link, place the ‘#’ sign in the link area, do not leave it empty.


    • Ellis says:

      Thank You, Edy, but don’t work with “#” too.

    • Edy says:

      Did you make any changes to the css code for the menu?

      Did you create a menu and assign it to the Menu location or is it appearing automatically there?


  13. Ellis says:

    Hi, Edy. I’m found solution. Need to create new menu instead of default menu editing. This bug applied to WordPress 4.1.1 Russian. English version is ok. Thak You for help.

  14. nikol says:

    How did you get the sample’s “Home” in the menu to be shown on initial load?

    My menu’s first item isn’t automatically selected on load, the “Logo” page is. Also a menu item selection won’t show the tiles. My first menu item when clicked looks like your Dummy Page.
    How can I make it so that when someone visits my site they see all my work in the tiles view and the first menu option is selected?

    Also, can I add the sidebar to the Tiles page?


    Nice theme. Thanks for the share.

    • Edy says:

      You need to create a menu in the ‘Menu Manager’. When you select to ‘View All Pages’ in the Menu Manager, you can see the ‘Home’ item, just add it to the menu.

      To display the latest posts in the front page, make sure that in ‘Settings-Reading’ you set you website to display the latest posts in the front page.


  15. Hugues says:

    Hi Edy,
    Thanx for your template, great job !
    I can’t find how to change the color of the swiping curtains. I guess it’s a random function. I’d like to set up one color. How can i do it ?
    Thanx for your answer !

  16. Thom says:

    How can I remove the orange border? Thanks for the great theme.

  17. kanchi says:

    i liked your theme but i wont to modify tiles in it… i wont to make it like digitalindia.gov.in, if it is possible then how can i do it?

  18. Fabiola says:

    Hi, your theme is really cool! I would like to control the image height to show. For exemple: make some 200px and some 400px. Is it possible? thank you!

    • Edy says:

      Hi Fabiola,

      The image height is already flexible depending on the height of the original image you upload as a featured image. Portrait sizes will appear higher.


  19. reto says:

    hi, great theme 🙂

    question: how can I change the background colour of the left most column (its probably the “home” menu) – the grey background just doesn’t fit my needs

    • Edy says:


      In the top of style.css file here

      #header {
        	width: 18%; 
      	float: left;
      	padding-left: 1.5%;
      	padding-right: 1.5%;
      	background: #556370;
      	box-shadow: 2px 0px 0px #fff, 3px 0px 0px #556370;
      	-webkit-box-shadow: 2px 0px 0px #fff, 3px 0px 0px #556370;
      	-moz-box-shadow: 2px 0px 0px #fff, 3px 0px 0px #556370;
      	position: fixed;
      	height: 100vh;
      	-webkit-transform: translateZ(0);

      change the background color code and box-shadow color code.


      • reto says:

        great thanks – now the same challenge emerged with the purple tiles. I really like this theme, but purple just doesn’t work for this specific purpose.

        best regards

  20. Lenna Biz says:

    Hi there, realy cool and clean theme! I ´m wondering, if is possible to enable social icons on mobile menu too?

  21. Helen says:

    Dear Edy, explain please, how can i delete or make more minimalistic an orange frame on the featured images?I would like to save just the title of image.

    Thaks a lot!

    • Edy says:

      Hi Helen,

      In ‘custom.css’ file there’s this code

      /* Pseudo element for hover effect */
      .grid li > a::before {
       position: absolute;
       top: 0;
       left: 0;
       width: 100.5%;
       height: 100.5%;
       border: 0px solid transparent;
       background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);
       content: '';
       -webkit-transition: border-width 0.2s, border-color 0.2s;
       transition: border-width 0.2s, border-color 0.2s;

      just remove the border and background lines.


  22. Paul says:

    Hi, really nice Theme, I want to add some text above and below the logo image, is this possible ? I can add the tagline, but this is not very usable for me …


  23. Amy Greil says:

    I have been using your theme for several years. Unfortunately I can’t remember how to change the text on the left side. I need to change the description under my name.

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