Atrium business theme released

January 22, 2021

We have just released Atrium, a clean and modern business theme for WordPress.

This theme is beautifully designed, using the browser space entirely to make your website easy to read and focus. One of the important features of this theme is the usage of block patterns. We have pre-designed four blocks that you can use throughout your website.

The advantage of block patterns is that you can use some pre-designed block that match the theme in post or page. And you can use them more than once in each page.

Let’s take for example the Team Members block. This block has three column of one member each. If you have more team members, you add the block again and also delete the content of any column to reach the number of team members you want to display.

These blocks behave as regular blocks, you can edit, delete or even ad more content to each block, no restrictions.

In Atrium there are four block patterns, Team Members, services, a full width cover block and a contact block. You can use this blocks for any purpose nut just about what the name tells.

Atrium come with plenty more features. It has a powerful home page template, nicely designed that may include a lot of info about your company. An important feature is the custom post type included in the theme that integrates logos of your business partners or clients.

There are plenty more features in the theme that you can check by visiting the theme’s page.

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