Source Instructions

Source is a full site editing WordPress theme suitable for business and personal websites.

Theme installation

Unzip file that you downloaded from us and install file. Read more how to install a theme → 

Required plugins

Contact Form 7: The plugin is recommended for creating contact forms.

Please install these plugins before importing the demo content.

Making theme look like demo

Inside the package you will find a file named source.WordPress.xml that you can use to import the demo content. Read more how to make theme look like the demo 

Editing theme elements

Source is a full site editing theme, thus you can edit most element from the front end. In your Dashboard go to Appearance → Editor and there you can select and edit any element you like, change their color, font etc.

Front page configuration

In case you want to configure the theme manually instead of importing the demo content, create a page and assign Page (Large Header) template to it.

Add blocks and patterns you like to the page. Learn how to display a static page in front 

Block and patterns we have used in our demo

  1. Partners block pattern.
  2. Group block with title, content and button inside.
  3. Animated block separator
  4. Features block pattern.
  5. Process block pattern.

All these patterns are grouped under the Source patterns category when you select patterns. Use any of these patterns in any page you like, as many times as you want.

Block patterns

Source comes with a set of pre-designed patterns that you can include in any page or post.  Learn how to add block patterns 

  1. Partners: Display a title block and some logos.
  2. Features pattern: Cover block with a background image (or video) that highlights some information about your business in three columns.
  3. Process, text and video: Text in the left and a video (or image) in the right.
  4. Team members: Display your team members in four columns.

Page templates

Source comes with different page templates to help you achieve a different look for any page. Learn how to change page templates 

  1. Default: This template creates a page with a simple header in the top.
  2. Page (Large Header): This template uses a large header that has a background image, text and call to action button. You can replace the image or with another one, or a video instead. Used only for the front page of the website.
  3. Page (Small Header): This template uses a small header that uses the featured image of said page as background.
  4. Blank: As the name says, this is a blank canvas that you can use any of of the template parts and patterns to achieve a different look.

Pre-designed pages

If you import the demo content there will be three pre-designed pages included. HomeAbout us and Contact.

Template parts

Template parts are pre-designed sections that are included in page templates to organize and add structure to the theme to avoid having to repeat code. To edit a template part in your Dashboard go to Appearance > Editor > Template Parts. Note that when you edit a template part it will change in all sections of your website. You can always reset customizations if you make a mistake.

Template parts included in this theme are Header (Large), Header (Small), Header and Footer.

Animated blocks

Source enables you to animate any block when entering the screen using css3 animations by adding classes. Learn how to add animations 

If you need more help regarding this theme, please contact us.